Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh, what have I done!

Well I finally did it! I have convinced Jason to agree to, and help me paint not only our kitchen cabinets but the laminate countertops. (I am both excited and scared. I really hope it all works out.) I love the layout of our house. I love the large living room, and the fact that it is completely open to the kitchen area. I have never been a huge fan of the cabinets or countertops, but didn't know exactly what I could do with them either. We have never seriously considered replacing them because they are still very functional, and we wouldn't want to rearrange the kitchen so we are just trying to work with what we've got.

We are day three into this process and so far we still have a huge mess on our hands. I am hoping to complete the cabinets today and start on the countertops tomorrow. I have already decided on what phases two and three of this kitchen remodel will include. I will post some pictures once completed but I wouldn't dare take a picture of the way it looks right now. What is it about home improvement projects that seem to be well contained into one area yet the entire house seems to be a mess? I will probably be spending just as much time on cleaning after this is done than I did on the actual project itself. I will leave you with a before picture.
Kitchen Before

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