Friday, June 24, 2011

SUYL - Singles....My Big Brother Kelly.

Today I am linking through Kelly's Korner. It is Show Us Your Life Friday - Singles. If you are coming from Kelly's Korner, then welcome. I know there are a lot of posts to look through so I will keep this as short as possible.

I would like to take this time to tell about my single big brother Kelly. Kelly is 29, and lives in Central Kentucky. He is a Probation and Parole Officer and is very proud of the work he does.

Playing Church Softball.

He is a great guy that loves all sports, and plays softball and basketball year round. He is a fan of UK basketball and football, Reds baseball, and Bengals football.

Kelly with our Grandmother.

When not playing or watching sports Kelly enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating, and listening to music.

Kelly at Family Christmas Party.

Kelly has been a great brother to me and deserves a great down to earth girl. I am hoping everyone in Kelly's Korner will help match this great guy with a great girl.


  1. Check out my post about my sis. She's a UK grad currently living and going to school in louisville!

  2. Hey,
    Please check out my posting, I'm #44 on Kelly's list. He's sounds amazing.
    Margie :)

  3. Your brother sounds amazing! I am #100 on Kelley's list.

    No matter what, I know there is someone great out there for him!

  4. i'd love for you to check out my blog! feel free to ask for more info or a picture. God bless you & have an amazing weekend! :-)

    - michelle

    p.s. - love to play ball too!

  5. my friend wrote a post for me....#102 on the list....your brother sounds like a neat guy. please feel free to check out my info and pass along if you think we might click....

  6. I think he would really click with my BFF Kim!! her link is Number 19!

  7. Your brother sounds like such an awesome person! I too, am very close with my family, and think it's one of the most important things in life (that is behind my relationship with God!)! I love being active, whether that's running, hiking, or playing a pick-up game in the yard! I currently live in VA though. Whether it's me or not (see I have a sense of humor too), I wish him the best of luck in finding the woman of his dreams!!

  8. Johanna, Your brother sounds great! I am a nurse born and raised in the Dayton, OH area (about an hour north of Cincinnati) and I too LOVE sports. I am a huge Cincinnati Reds fan (I actually bought one of the smaller season ticket packages for this season)and my older brother is in law enforcement, so it sounds like we already have a few things in common. Check out the post my sister-in-law wrote about me (#73 on Kelly's Korner)and see what you (or he) think. My email is if you or he would like to know more.

  9. He should meet my sister! She also lives in central KY! She is beautiful inside and out, works at a church and volunteers with student ministries. I'd love to send you some pics and her email.

    You can contact me at

  10. HI,
    I love that Kelly did this and would like to suggest he take a look at my friend's blog where she posted pictures of a family visit with their daughter Amy(28) Amy is in Louisville,Kentucky, and works with Student Life Ministry, while pursuing her masters degree at Southern. She is one of the most lovely, fun girls we have ever met. She has a smile that lights up the room, a great sense of humor, and is incredibly selfless.
    here is the blog address for my friend... Amy can be e-mailed at

  11. Love that Kelly did this! I think your brother might like to meet my friend from Danville! She is beautiful, smart, athletic, sweet and fun. She's 30 and is an attorney. She doesn't have a blog but I'd love to send a photo and more info if he is interested. jennhoward77 at yahoo dot com.